TIPM Relays - Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Mount

Faulty fuel pump relay is soldered to a circuit board located under the fuses
Faulty fuel pump relay is soldered to a circuit board located under the fuses

The faulty fuel pump relay on many 2007-2014 Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler/VW vehicles is the five-pin NEC/Tokin #EX1-1F1J. Replacement single relays that we utilize for all TIPM repairs since 2014 are NEC/Tokin #EX1-2U1S. This relay can be used for the fuel pump, horn, and backup lights with no problems reported. The only difference in the replacement relay linked above is the lack of a vent hole in the enclosure and a small change in the coil resistance. Keep in mind that repairing your TIPM using one of these relays is no small task. We recommend that you have soldering experience, especially under a microscope on circuit boards. You'll also need to fully disassemble the TIPM, which many have tried and failed to do without damage.

For double relay replacements (wipers, door locks, washer fluid, etc), use the 10-pin NEC/Tokin #EX2-2U1S.



Tested Vehicles

To ensure that these relays will work on your vehicle, please verify that your TIPM is similar to this TIPM-7 version. You can also check our Applicable Vehicles Chart for vehicles shown in green. Other vehicles likely exist as new models are regularly added once tested.

How To Buy One

Since many people have asked us to offer these relays and we keep them in stock for our TIPM repairs, a link to purchase them is displayed below. The price is $10 per relay and we normally ship the same day an order is received. Please select which relay (single or double) you require.

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NEC/Tokin EX1 and EX2 Relays

Relay Locations (2010 TIPMs may contain differences)

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