Stock Video

Film ReelsVertical Visions maintains an extensive digital video library of BASE jumping, skydiving, and other aerial sports. Since 1993, we've captured thousands of BASE jumps on video ranging from New York City building jumps to riding a motorized scooter off a 450' cliff. Over the years, we've designed, fabricated, and tested a variety of proprietary helmet and body mounted POV camera platforms that have permitted us to capture footage that has no competition. Please review our resume for a list of the programs that have aired our footage.

If you need stock footage of BASE jumpers leaping from buildings, antennas, bridges, cliffs, or if you have a specific object or location, chances are we've been there and captured it on digital video. Please contact us for any video usage inquiries. Vertical Visions will be happy to work with you to get the stock video footage you are looking for.


Building BASE Jumps

NYC Jumps

450' Building in New York City - Three jumpers take turns leaping from the roof of a 450' building in downtown Manhattan in New York City. Camera angles include helmet-cameras facing forward and backward, from the roof top, and from a window in the building near where the canopies opened. The entire sequence from gaining roof access to the post-jump celebration is captured on video in this rare New York City BASE jump.

KL Tower Jumps

KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 50 jumpers take turns leaping from the tallest concrete tower in Southeast Asia, the 1380' Menara Kuala Lumpur (or KL Tower) during a legal BASE jumping event situated only blocks from the Petronas Towers. Camera angles include helmet-cams, wrist-cams, the rhino-cam, exit point, ground, and other amazing perspectives.

Antenna BASE Jumps

Antenna Jump

1200' Tall Antennas - Includes video of the climb up the antenna ladder and then jumpers flying past the cameraman, who is positioned 75' below the exit point. Bellymounted camera POV's and other helmet-camera video are also available.

Freestanding Antenna Leap

300' Freestanding Antennas - BASE jumpers scale a short 300' freestanding telecommunications antenna in the mountains of Virginia and then leap off, instantly deploying their canopies before impact.

Span (Bridge) BASE Jumps

Bridge Day

Bridge Day at the New River Gorge Bridge - Bridge Day is the largest extreme sports event in the world, catering to 450+ adrenaline-hungry BASE jumpers who hurl themselves off the 876' single arch bridge. We have more than 100 hours of footage from Bridge Day and other New River Gorge Bridge jumps made since 1984. We have every possible camera angle including exit point, ground, air-to-air, falling through the steel, interviews, rhino-cams, ankle-cams, wrist-cams, from the top of RV's, etc.

Perrine Bridge Jumps

486' Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho - One of the few legal bridges to BASE jump in the United States, the Perrine Bridge is the most jumped object in the world. We've captured Nestea Plunges, 7-ways, backflips, intentional water landings, 80' cutaways over the water, "Roll Over" or "McConkey" flips, "Tards", "Quads", and just about every type of BASE jump you can think of at this site.

Earth (Cliff) BASE Jumps

GoPed Jumps

Motorized Go-Ped Scooter Cliff Jumps - Probably the most insane stunt we've pulled off so far. Jason and Cliff ride motorized Go-Ped scooters off a 450' cliff and then deploy their parachutes. The scooters were attached to their right foot via a specially designed harness. Multiple camera angles and stills are available of this amazing jump.

The Eiger

Cliff Jumps from the 13,026' Eiger in Switzerland - Helicopters shuttle jumpers to the top of one of the most famous and deadly climbing walls in Switzerland for breathtaking freefalls down the cliff face. Video includes helicopters, 4-way exits with helmet cams (forward and rear facing), and ground video. Wingsuit exits are also available from this mammoth cliff.