TIPM Fuel Relay Solutions

If your 2007-2016 Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, or VW vehicle fails to start (acts likes it's out of gas) and/or your fuel pump continues pumping after turning the vehicle off (draining your battery), you likely have a faulty fuel pump relay.  Fortunately, numerous cost-effective solutions exist.  Faulty fuel relays are very common in 2011-2013 vehicles, but Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durangos were the only vehicles recalled and fitted with an external relay.  Starting problems related to a faulty fuel pump relay often occur when the vehicle is cold and progressively get worse over a period of weeks or months.  Read more symptoms here.  Additional relay problems with windshield wipers, door locks, horn, backup lights, and other systems are very common in these vehicles with a TIPM repair being the best solution at this time.

Before you spend $1000+ on a new TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Module or "fuse box"), please read below about five cost-effective solutions for TIPM relay problems. Depending on your skill level, you may be able to implement some on your own or purchase parts/service from us. As the owner of a 2011 Dodge Durango with 20+ years of mechanical engineering experience, we invented the popular TIPM test/bypass cable in 2014 and routinely perform 250-300 TIPM relay repairs each year. In 2017, our patent pending TIPM Plug-In Relay Circuit Board began shipping as a cost-effective long term solution with no downtime or limitations. We've spoken with thousands of people about TIPM relay issues, so feel free to contact us with your fuel pump relay or related questions/comments. For those experiencing intermittent issues with headlights, dashboard lights, failure to even try to start (won't turn over), AC, and other abnormalities, please read through our Other Solutions page.

TIPM Fuel Pump Relay Solutions (Comparison Chart)

TIPM Bypass/Test Cables 

TIPM Cable

TIPM Plug-In Relay System 

TIPM Plug-In Relay System

TIPM Repair

TIPM Repair


Add External Fuel Pump Relay

External Relay Kit

Cost $25-35 $179 $199 + shipping $350-$450 + core charge

$400-600 dealer or
$50 do-it-yourself

(requires dealer visit)
Long Term Solution No, but some have used them for 3-4 years Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Installation Time 5-10 minutes 10-15 minutes 30-60 min after 3-5 days vehicle downtime 30-60 minutes 1-2 hours 1-3 hours (dealer visit)
Limitations May lose remote start, unknown if fuel pump shuts off after crash None None None None None
Potential Problems None None None Might have to do a hard reset after installation External relays are failing, some dealers won't install Dealer will want to program new TIPM (avg. cost $100+)
Dealer Visit Required No No No No Yes (unless do-it-yourself) Yes
TIPM Reprogrammed No No No No No Yes
Warranty 1 month 30 days return for full refund on part, 1 year warranty 1 year 1 year See dealer See dealer
Install Difficulty Easy Easy Moderate Moderate Difficult (soldering) Dealer only

Symptoms of Faulty Relays

The fuel pump relay, located deep inside the TIPM, is the most common relay to fail since it's powered on 100% of the time while you're driving. You likely found this website because your dealer wants to change your fuel pump ($600+) or TIPM ($1000+).  Symptoms include:

  • Multiple attempts to start, perhaps occuring most often in the morning when the vehicle is cold. The problem gets worse over time and eventually won't start at all.
  • Unexplained battery drainage due to a relay that is stuck in the closed/on position. You can likely hear the fuel pump running if listening from the rear of the vehicle after it's turned off. Battery drainage may still occur even after a new battery or fuel pump is installed.
  • The vehicle stalls while driving and you coast to a stop. This situation is sometimes fuel pump relay related, but also could be due to thermal expansion issues inside the TIPM or other electrical components.
  • The vehicle won't start and appears to be out of gas.

Problems with front and/or rear windshield wipers (on/off, high/low speed), door locks, front and/or rear washer fluid, horn, backup lights, and other relays are becoming more common with time. These relays are used less often, but are similar to the fuel pump relay in that they fail to power on the device and sometimes get stuck in the on position.  Most failures result in the function being inoperable.  Most of the time, functions that are located on double relays (wipers, door locks, washer fluid) will fail in pairs, which means you will loose two functions at the same time.  If you experience loss of two functions at a time, there is a very good chance the double relay has failed.  Symptoms include:

  • Windshield wipers won't turn on or will only work on low speed.
  • My horn won't work or will get stuck on (forcing you to pull the fuse or disconnect the battery).
  • My door locks work intermittently or fail to lock/unlock,  Normally only the lock or unlock function fails, but not both.
  • My backup lights work intermittently, all the time, or not at all.

You can save thousands of dollars by implementing one the proven solutions listed on this page for a fuel relay problem.   A TIPM repair  is often the cheapest solution for wiper, door lock, washer fluid, horn, and backup light problems.  We also encourage you to file complaints at the following locations: CASCar Complaints, and NHTSA.

Five TIPM Fuel Pump Relay Repair Solutions (Summary)

#1 - Use Our TIPM Test/Bypass Cable ($25-$35)

Build your own or purchase our popular TIPM test/bypass cable. We created this diagnostic cable in August 2014 to address a faulty fuel pump relay and it has helped thousands of people. This cable can check the proper operation of your fuel pump, test your fuel pump relay, and bypass a bad fuel pump relay to stay on the road. It works on the above applicable vehicles marked in green and may be useful on other untested 2007-2016 vehicles. Two versions exist with prices from $25-$35. We advertise our cable as a testing tool and temporary fix to stay on the road until you can implement a more permanent solution, although many customers have used our cables for 3+ years now. Further details and photos are located on our TIPM Test/Bypass Cable page.

TIPM Cables

#2 - TIPM Plug-In Fuel Pump Power Bypass/Test System ($179)

After nearly a year of research and testing, our patent pending TIPM Plug-In Fuel Pump Power Bypass/Test System is now shipping to customers. Based on the connections present in the dealer installed external relay, our circuit board based device with solid state MOSFETs simply plugs into three fuse slots in your TIPM and can be installed by anyone in 10-15 minutes. This device is a long term solution with no limitations and includes all the capabilities of our TIPM bypass/test cables along with some additional features.

TIPM Plug-In Relay System

#3 - Replace Fuel Pump and/or Other Relays on TIPM ($199)

Repair your own TIPM or send us your TIPM for repair service on the applicable vehicles marked in green. Additional 2007-2014 vehicles can likely be repaired (please contact us). Our repair service involves replacing your faulty fuel pump relay with a newer NEC/Tokin relay that has been used on all our repairs since August 2014. We also repair windshield wiper, door lock, horn, backup light, and other relays for an additional charge. This is a long-term fix that will solve your fuel pump relay problems without the high cost of a new TIPM ($1000+) or the cutting of TIPM wires with an external relay. No TIPM programming is required since we're simply removing and replacing the faulty relay.  Our fuel pump relay replacement carries a one year warranty and the price is $199. Further details and photos are located on our TIPM Repair page.

TIPM Repair

#4 - Purchase Used/Repaired TIPM ($350-$450+)

We've partnered with a company that sells used and/or repaired TIPMs in order to give you a choice in repairing your vehicle. If time is critical, they can overnight a warrantied TIPM to you for $75 or their USPS Priority Mail shipping is free. After you receive the TIPM, there is only a 10% chance you'll need to have your local dealer program it with your VIN as long as you follow steps on our used and/or repaired TIPMs page. Below are TIPMs that are commonly in stock, but many others are available and ready to ship.

  • 68165692AB
  • 04692298AG
  • 04692299AG
  • 04692316AH
  • 04692319AG
  • 04692332AD
  • 04692335AH
  • 56049717AK
  • 68089321AG
  • 68089323AE
  • 68105502AC
  • 68105507AC
  • 68163903AB
  • 68163904AC
  • 68165692AD
  • 04692305AG
  • 56049721AO
  • 04692235AH
  • 68165692AC

Click on the part numbers above or go to Factory Chrysler Parts and enter the above TIPM part numbers to see applicable vehicles. Please contact us for further information and we'll put you in touch with the right people who can help. Note that email is usually the quickest method.

#5 - Add External Fuel Pump Relay (Normally $400-$600, $50 if you solder yourself)

This solution is similar to Star case #S1308000399 and the official 2011-2013 Dodge Durango/Jeep Grand Cherokee recall where you'll need to purchase an external fuel pump relay to take the place of the defective TIPM-mounted fuel pump relay. Unfortunately, many vehicles were not part of the recall or class action lawsuit. We can only recommend this option if you do the modification yourself since your dealer will likely take advantage of you with an installed price that can easily exceed $400. A TIPM-7 fuse box can accept this external fuel pump relay since they contain the same faulty fuel pump relay that is soldered to the same TIPM circuit board. The bad thing about this solution is that it involves cutting, soldering, and heat shrinking several wires in multiple wire harnesses. After going this route, you'll likely always need to count on the external fuel pump relay (even if you eventually purchased a new TIPM or received a new TIPM via a recall) because you've cut the fuel pump wires leading to the TIPM fuel pump relay.

Some owners had difficulty in purchasing the external relay kit from their dealer because their dealer claims the kits are intended for Durango and Grand Cherokee owners only. Others who've had the external relay installed by a dealer are reporting continued problems that can likely be solved by replacing the external relay. Further details and photos of an external relay are located on our External Relay page.

External Relay Kit

Applicable Tested Vehicles for TIPM Test/Bypass Cables

To verify that our TIPM cables will work on your vehicle, please check the chart below and click on the link that will take you to the correct cable type (mini-blade fuse or micro2 fuse). If you don't know the vehicle year/model, verify that your TIPM looks similar to the following TIPMs that are compatible with our cables: mini-blade cable version (TIPM-7) or micro2 cable version (TIPM). It's normal to have fuses and relays in different locations on this style TIPM, depending on your vehicle options and model.

Chrysler Town & Country See note 1 Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade)
Chrysler Grand Voyager See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1
Dodge Durango No See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 Yes (mini-blade) See note 2 Yes (mini-blade) See note 2 Yes (mini-blade) See note 2) Yes (micro2) Yes (micro2) See note 1
Dodge Grand Caravan See note 1 Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade)
Dodge Journey See note 1 See note 1 Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1
Dodge Magnum See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 Yes (mini-blade) See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1
Dodge Nitro Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1
Dodge Ram 1500 No No No No Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (micro2) Yes (micro2) Yes (micro2) Yes (micro2)
Dodge Ram 2500 No No No No Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (micro2) Yes (micro2) Yes (micro2) Yes (micro2)
Dodge Ram 3500 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1
Dodge Ram 4500 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1
Dodge Ram 5500 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1
Dodge Ram Cargo Van See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1
Jeep Compass See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1
Jeep Grand Cherokee See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 Yes (mini-blade) See note 2 Yes (mini-blade) See note 2 Yes (mini-blade) See note 2 Yes (micro2) Yes (micro2) See note 1
Jeep Liberty Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1
Jeep Patriot See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1 See note 1
Jeep Wrangler Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade)
VW Routan See note 1 See note 1 Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) Yes (mini-blade) See note 1 See note 1 See note 1

Note 1: We have not tested our TIPM Bypass/Test Cables on these vehicles, but they might work. To work properly, two conditions must be met:

  1. The fuel pump must be connected directly to the fuel pump fuse (fuel pump relay must come before the fuse slot).  The easiest way to confirm this is to verify that no voltage exists on the fuel pump fuse when your vehicle is turned off.  You can use a multimeter or test light to check by touching the one end to the bare posts on the top of the fuel pump fuse and the other end to chassis ground.  In rare situations, applicable vehicles with fuel pump relays that are stuck on when the vehicle is turned off may give a false negative.
  2. Your fuse type must match the type of cables we build (mini-blade/fuse or micro2).
If you can measure 12 VDC across your fuel pump fuse when the vehicle is off, chances are a TIPM Bypass/Test Cable won't work since the faulty fuel pump relay likely exists between your fuse slot and fuel pump. Injecting power won't help in this situation. More info is available here.

Note 2: Our TIPM Bypass/Test Cables work perfectly on these vehicles as long as you have not allowed your dealer to install an external fuel pump relay (ie. the part used to fix the fuel pump relay problem for the nationwide recall on 2011-2013 Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokees). External relay installations involve the cutting and splicing of TIPM harness wires, which completely disconnects your normal fuel pump circuitry from the TIPM.

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