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We're happy to answer any Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) questions or engineering project inquiries you may have.  We can only provide assistance with TIPM problems on vehicle years 2007 and newer.  We normally respond the same day to most inquires.  

Hours:   Mon-Fri 10am-6pm ET

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Phone:   1-304-933-9391

Common Questions:

  1. Did you ship my package?  If you received a tracking link email, we shipped your part the same day (USPS doesn't always update tracking information in a timely manner).

  2. Why is my delivery late?  COVID-19, winter storms, and/or Christmas has delayed all carrier deliveries worldwide.  Read more here.  Read the red banner at the top of this site.

  3. Can you fix my headlights, gauges, AC, fans, or windows rolling down on their own problem?  No.  Please visit our Solutions To Other TIPM Problems page. 

  4. Can you help with my 2005-2010 Ram fuel pump relay problem?  We can only recommend a used TIPM at this time.  Please read this as well.  


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