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If your 2007-2014 Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, or VW vehicle fails to start (acts likes it's out of gas) and/or your fuel pump continues pumping after turning the vehicle off (draining your battery), you likely have a faulty fuel pump relay. Our proprietary TIPM test/bypass cables are a great way to diagnose your TIPM problems by checking the proper operation of your fuel pump and testing your fuel pump relay. Our cables can also bypass a faulty fuel pump relay and keep your vehicle on the road. Please review the capabilities, advantages, and limitations of using these cables. You can build your own using the plans below or buy one that's ready to use.


  1. Checks the TIPM-mounted fuel pump relay for proper functionality with feedback provided via a Light Emitting Diode (LED). This is effective if your vehicle fails to start due to a defective fuel pump relay or the battery drains due to a fuel pump relay that is stuck in the closed position. Green LED feedback can be used as evidence for Dodge warranty claims against a defective fuel pump relay.
  2. Checks fuel pump functionality. Dodge service departments may claim that you have a bad fuel pump when the TIPM is really the problem. My testing/bypass device will often narrow down your problem to the TIPM fuel pump relay. With the vehicle turned off, our device permits the fuel pump to be powered on (with green LED feedback) and you'll be able to hear it pumping.
  3. Bypasses a bad fuel pump relay, allowing most vehicles that will not start to operate again. It works for vehicles that won't start (fuel pump relay won't engage) or those that power the fuel pump when the vehicle is off (fuel pump stuck on). This arrangement is a temporary solution, due to the limitations listed below, until you are able to implement a permanent fix.
  4. Can be used to drain the fuel tank by powering the fuel pump while the vehicle is turned off. This capability is useful if improper fuel was dispensed into the tank or fuel tank modifications are needed.


  1. These cables work, period. Read our customer comments from many people who've saved thousands of dollars. If our cable doesn't work on the tested vehicles listed above, I'll refund all your money.
  2. No special skills are required and you'll have your vehicle running again in less than 5 minutes.
  3. Can be used in lieu of towing your vehicle to the dealership or mechanic.
  4. Designed and assembled by an engineer and small business owner. Email support is normally immediate and telephone support is available evenings and weekends.
  5. It reduces worry. I carry one in my car at all times.
  6. All cables are soldered (not crimped), assembled, and tested in our shop.
  7. A great solution for auto repair shops to diagnose Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep no start or dead battery problems.
  8. Under the terms of a class action lawsuit for faulty fuel pump relays, you may be able to be fully reimbursed for the purchase of this cable.


  1. No remote start due to the vehicle disabling the rear cigarette lighter (M7) used to power the fuel pump relay (M25) in bypass mode.
  2. In bypass mode, it is unknown how it will affect safety mechanisms that shut off power to your faulty fuel pump relay during a crash. However, all faulty fuel pump relays are currently capable of becoming stuck in the on position, making this limitation a moot point. More details are available here.
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