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TIPM Plug-In Fuel Pump Power Bypass/Test System (Lite)

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NOTE:  This product will not work if you allowed your dealer to cut wires under your TIPM to install an external fuel relay per the 2011-2013 Durango and Grand Cherokee recall.  More info.

Our TIPM Plug-In Fuel Pump Power Bypass/Test System Lite (Patent #10,139,450) is a reliable 30 day money back guaranteelong-term solution for faulty fuel pump relays on many 2007-2020 Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Dodge, and VW vehicles (see our complete vehicle list).  This is the lite version of our TIPM Plug-In Fuel Pump Power Bypass/Test System, offering the same ability to bypass a faulty fuel pump relay at a fraction of the cost.  This device can bypass a faulty fuel pump relay to continue driving normally, test your fuel pump relay, and provide LED feedback for the Run/Start signal. It also comes with a 30 day return policy for a full refund on the part, so there is no risk if you find the fuel pump relay is not the problem.  

If your vehicle fails to start (acts likes it's out of gas) and/or your fuel pump continues pumping after turning the vehicle off (draining your battery), you likely have a faulty fuel pump relay.  Fuel pump relays are soldered to one of six circuit boards located deep inside your fuse box (TIPM), so they are very difficult to access and change.

TIPM Plug-In Fuel Pump Power Bypass/Test System Lite
TIPM Plug-In Fuel Pump Power Bypass/Test System Lite (Isometric View)

30 Day Return Policy

  • Money back guarantee (return for a full refund, less shipping, within 30 days of receipt if you're not satisfied or it does not solve your problem). We are not like your local dealer where parts that don't solve your issue can't be returned. If you find that our part doesn't solve your issue or your problem is outside the TIPM, simply contact us for a refund.

Applicable Vehicles for TIPM Plug-In Fuel Pump Power Bypass/Test Systems

Please check the list below to make sure this part will work in your vehicle. If you don't know the vehicle year/make/model, make sure your TIPM looks similar to the following TIPM-7 fuse box and it will work. It's normal to have fuses and relays in different locations on this style TIPM, depending on your vehicle options and model.

  • 2008-2016 Chrysler Town and Country
  • 2011-2013 Dodge Durango
  • 2008-2020 Dodge Grand Caravan
  • 2009-2010 Dodge Journey
  • 2007-2011 Dodge Nitro
  • 2011-2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2007-2012 Jeep Liberty
  • 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler
  • 2011-2012 Ram 1500, 2500, 3500
  • 2012-2014 Ram C/V
  • 2009-2014 VW Routan
  • 2011 VW Touareg


  • Bypass your faulty fuel pump relay to stay on the road and drive like you normally do
    • Prevents "stuck on" faulty fuel pump relays from draining your battery
    • Will provide power to your fuel pump if the faulty fuel pump relay cannot
  • Test your existing faulty fuel pump relay with LED feedback to determine if it's faulty
  • LED feedback indicates run/start signal and power provided to the fuel pump
  • Fits under your TIPM lid when closed

Differences between TIPM Plug-In Systems

  • Test Fuel Pump:  The $139 version can test your fuel pump when the vehicle is off.  The $59 version cannot.
  • Power:  The $139 version has it's own onboard relay (MOSFET), which uses directly-connected battery power from M30 to power the fuel pump.  The $59 version utilizes excess available current from the K4 run/start relay to power the fuel pump.
  • LEDs: The $139 version has five diagnostic LEDs that are always connected while the $59 version only has three that can be temporarily connected when needed.  The $139 version shows proper battery voltage via an onboard green LED (+12.0 VDC or higher)
  • Disable Vehicle:  The $139 version can disable the vehicle for security purposes with red LED indication.  The $59 version cannot.
  • Ground Wire - The $59 version is slightly easier to install as it doesn't require a ground wire (included with the part).
  • Warranty:  The $139 version has a 2 year warranty while the $59 version has a 1 year warranty.
  • Money Back Guarantee:  The $139 version has a 60 day money back return window while the $59 version has a 30 day money back return window.

Both system can bypass a faulty fuel relay, which is the main function of the part.

Installation Video (Customer Supplied)



  • TIPM Plug-In Fuel Pump Power Bypass/Test System Lite
  • Ground wire (for a temporary test connection to illuminate LEDs)
  • Hard copy color installation manual
  • Telephone and email support
TIPM-7 top view
This TIPM Plug-In Relay System Lite works exclusively on the TIPM-7 fuse box shown above.


  • One year parts and labor warranty.  We'll also pay to ship the part both ways for any warranty claims.


  • A great long term solution for a faulty fuel pump relay
  • No functional limitations
  • No cold start problems
  • No programming or expensive dealer visits
  • Reduced cost compared to other solutions such as a used TIPMrepaired TIPM, or external relay
  • Removes power to the fuel pump after a crash
  • Full remote start functionality
  • No special skills required for installation

Instruction Manual

Download the instructions for this part in PDF format.



  • None

Installation Instructions

1)  Turn vehicle off and locate your TIPM.

2)  Using the mini-blade/cartridge fuse removal tool located near the top of your TIPM (see Figure 1 - shown in  yellow ), remove mini-blade fuses M25 and M37 (see Figure 1 - shown in  red ).  For reference, a fuse diagram is also located under your TIPM lid.  Transfer your M25 and M37 fuses to the corresponding fuse slots in the circuit board.

3)  Insert the circuit board into your TIPM so the four male terminals fit into the M25 and M37 fuse slots at the same time.  If required, lift the white J13 fuse bezel approximately 1/4" (see Figure 1 - shown in  light blue ).  J13 is your Ignition Off Draw (IOD) fuse, which is normally used to prevent battery drainage when the vehicle is not driven for many weeks.  Be sure to push the J13 white bezel down after the circuit board is installed.

4)  Close and then open the TIPM lid to ensure the circuit board is fully seated.  See Figure 2 to view the installed circuit board.  Installation is now complete.

How To Bypass a Faulty Fuel Pump Relay

Once the installation is complete, your TIPM Plug-In Relay System Lite is ready to operate in bypass mode.  No additional setup or wiring is required.  Use this arrangement for normal driving to bypass a faulty fuel pump relay inside your TIPM that will not power the fuel pump or one that powers the fuel pump when the vehicle is off.  Bypass mode uses the vehicle's run/start +12 VDC source at the M37 fuse terminal to provide power to the fuel pump via the M25 fuse slot.  To view the onboard LEDs, proceed to the next paragraph for details on connecting the included jumper wire.

Testing Your Vehicle Using LED Feedback (Optional)

1)  Connect the included jumper wire between the circuit board’s ground connection (GND) and your vehicle’s chassis ground or battery negative terminal (see Figure 3).  Chassis ground is defined as any conductive connection on the vehicle’s metal frame. 

2)  Start your vehicle and observe the LEDs in the lower right corner of the system (see Figure 4).

3)  The RUN/START  green  LED illuminates when a +12 VDC run/start signal is present at the M37 fuse, indicating the engine is attempting to start or running.

4)  The ORIG RELAY  green  LED illuminates when a +12 VDC signal supplied via the original fuel pump relay inside your TIPM is detected.  If the original fuel pump relay +12 VDC signal is intermittent or not present, this is an indication that the relay is faulty.

5)  The PUMP ON  green  LED illuminates when power is sent to the fuel pump via the M25 20 amp fuse.  If your vehicle will not start while this LED is illuminated, you may have a fuel pump or other problem. 

6)  Disconnect the included jumper wire while driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  When should the included jumper wire be connected to view the LEDs?

 Answer:  Only during testing while the vehicle is not in motion.

 2)  The fuel pump relay inside my TIPM is faulty and stuck in the on position (draining my battery). Will this part resolve my issue?

 Answer:  Yes. Our system will completely disconnect a faulty fuel pump relay from the fuel pump circuit.  The only electrical connection to your original fuel pump relay is to the center green LED (for testing purposes).

 3)  After installation, a "NO FUSE" light is illuminated on my instrument panel.  How can I make it go away?

 Answer:  Simply push down on the white bezel surrounding your J13 fuse (see Figure 1 - shown in  light blue ). This fuse is sometimes lifted up during the installation of the TIPM Plug-In Relay System Lite and it must be pushed down when complete.  

 4)  Will my remote start and safety mechanisms be affected by this device?

 Answer:  No.  Users will maintain full functionality of their remote start.  Cold weather or low temperatures will not affect this system.   Additionally, power to the fuel pump will be removed during a crash since it uses the same connections as the dealer-installed Dodge/Jeep external relay.

 5)  How does the TIPM Plug-In Relay System Lite work?

 Answer:  The run/start fuse slot M37 requires less than 10 amps to function properly, but is capable of at least 35 amps provided from a separate run/start gray Omron plug-in relay.  Most fuel pumps require 8-9 amps, so +12 VDC power can be leveraged from the M37 circuit.  The run/start +12 VDC supply mimics the OEM starting and running cycle that provides power to the fuel pump.

 6)  My car still won't start after installing the system. What should I check?

  •  Verify the Ignition Off Draw (IOD) J13 fuse with a white bezel around it is pushed down all the way (see Figure 1 - shown in  light blue ).
  • Visually check the two fuses (M25, M37) that were transferred from your TIPM to the TIPM Plug-In Relay System Lite to ensure they're not blown.
  • Have you checked your fuel pump to confirm it is working?  Visit our web site for information on how to check this with the vehicle turned off.
  • Verify that you see the RUN/START and PUMP ON green LEDs shown in Figure 4 during the engine cranking process and while idling. The most important thing to remember is that illumination of the PUMP ON green LED is the ultimate goal in delivering +12 VDC power to your fuel pump.  If this LED is illuminated, the TIPM Plug-In Relay System Lite is working properly and the problem is likely elsewhere within your vehicle.
  • Do you have gas in the vehicle? Is your fuel gauge working properly?
  • Make sure you do not have an external relay installed. If so, change the external relay.  If you permitted your dealer to cut harness wires under the TIPM, our TIPM Plug-In Relay System Lite will not work properly.
  • Check/replace your camshaft and/or crankshaft sensors and perform a fuel pump pressure test. There are dozens of things that can prevent a vehicle from starting, beyond the fuel pump relay issue that the TIPM Plug-In Relay System Lite was designed to solve.

7) My remote start isn't working or the vehicle shuts down after a few seconds when using remote start. What causes this?

Answer: Our TIPM Plug-In Relay Systems work perfectly with remote start and we often find that these types of problems are the result of the vehicle disabling remote start capabilities before or after the starting process. Most vehicles will disable remote start if all of the following conditions are not met:

  1. Check engine light not illuminated
  2. Shift lever in PARK
  3. Doors closed
  4. Hood closed
  5. HAZARD switch off
  6. BRAKE switch inactive (brake pedal not pressed)
  7. Ignition key removed from ignition switch
  8. Battery at an acceptable charge level
  9. Remote keyless entry PANIC button not pressed
  10. Fuel meets minimum requirement

The engine can be started two consecutive times (two 15-minute cycles) with the remote keyless entry transmitter. However, the ignition switch must be cycled to the ON/RUN position before you can repeat the start sequence for a third cycle. With a TIPM Plug-In Relay System in place, remote start problems are normally attributable to one or more of the items listed above if you can start your vehicle with a key or pushbutton, but not with the keyfob.

8) The bottom plastic cover or other parts have melted after driving. What causes this?

Answer:  Your M25 or M37 fuse slot was likely damaged prior to installing our plug-in relay system.  We've seen this before in situations where customers or prior owners of the vehicle have inserted fuse taps or widened the fuse terminals in their TIPM due to repeated use/insertion/removal/testing.  Widened fuse terminals inside your TIPM can create a temperature hot spot due the terminals of our part or a fuse not being able to make enough surface area contact. The 9 amps flowing to your fuel pump requires that your TIPM terminals be tight, pushed together, and secure. The solution is to remove all fuses/relays and the top of your TIPM, remove the top portion of your TIPM, then crimp the terminals back together with a pair of pliers.  Reaching the terminals without removing the top portion of your TIPM is extremely difficult. 



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